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Pulse Larsen

BRK0003 - Pulse Larsen Do Everything Bracket, with U-Bolt

BRK0003 - Pulse Larsen Do Everything Bracket, with U-Bolt

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BRK0003 - Pulse Larsen Do Everything Bracket, with U-Bolt

This Bracket is used to allow Pulse multi-band antennas, radome omniantennas and small stick antenna to be attached to I-beam, pole and to wall.

Kit Includes: Bracket + 2pcs Plug Bolt + 2pcs M8 Bolt + 1set “U” bolt

Features Dacromet plating is a new type of surface treatment, compared with the traditional electroplating process, it is also a kind of "green" plating Dacromet. The benefits are:

1. Super corrosion resistance: the thickness of Dacromet coating is only 4 to 8 microns, but its rust prevention beats the traditional electric galvanized, hot dip galvanized coating by 7 to 10 times. Using Dacromet processing for standard parts can withstand salt spray test of 1200 h above.

2. No hydrogen brittleness: Dacromet process avoids hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon, so the dacromet coating is very suitable for mechanical parts.

3. The high heat resistance: Dacromet can resist the corrosion due to high temperature, heat temperature can reach more than 300 ?. For the traditional galvanized process, parts do not resist temperature over 100 ?.

4. High binding force performance: Dacromet coating has good adhesion with metal substrate, and with other additional coating has strong adhesion, after processing parts it is easy to spray painting, and the adhesion strength of the organic coating even better than the phosphating film.

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