ShopWiscomm FAQ

Frequently asked questions when doing business with ShopWiscomm!

Q: How come I cannot use my login and see my old orders?

A: In August 2022, ShopWiscomm transitioned to a new e-commerce platform, unfortunately we were unable to port over all the old accounts and past orders. You will need to create a new login and password. Create your new account here.

Q: We are tax exempt, how do we get tax removed from our order?

A: Wiscomm is currently required to collect sales tax on shipments going to the State of Wisconsin addresses (subject to change with the everchanging tax laws). If you are exempt from Wisconsin taxes, please send your most current exemption certificate to - - Please create a new account and we can make the modification to your account to show your active exemption.

Q: We need a better price, what kind of deal can you give me?

A: Unfortunately in this incredibly tight supply chain we are all living in, deals are very hard to come by. We pride ourselves on providing very competitive pricing to all of our customers, large or small. If you are a US Federal Government customer, please contact us as some of our suppliers have special programs available.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to us.