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Motorola Solutions

Motorola VX-264 Portable Radio w Display

Motorola VX-264 Portable Radio w Display

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Motorola Solutions VX-264 Portable Radio


The new Motorola Solutions VX-264 Two-Way Portables radio is a 128-channel, compact full power radio with 8 character alpha numeric display. Using the integrated Motorola Solutions Universal (UNI) Battery and Charging System. Featuring the Standard 3 Year Warranty.

  • 128 Channels
  • IP55 Splashproof
  • Available Six Programmable Buttons
  • 700mW Internal Speaker
  • MDC1200 ANI Encode
  • Fleetsync ANI Encode
  • DTMF ANI Encode
  • 2-Tone & 5-Tone Encode and Decode
  • Voice Inversion Encryption
  • Multi-Mode Scanning (incl Dual Watch, Priority, Follow-Me)
  • Works With Repeaters
  • Talk Around
  • Emergency
  • Lone Worker
  • VOX
  • ARTS™ (Auto Range Transponder System)

The VX-264 comes with 128 channels that can be programmed into the radio. Each channel can support simplex or repeater operation and display an 8 character name of that channel for easy selection. The display means that you no longer need to remember which channel each department in your business is organized on. Simply turn the top selector until the department name appears in the display window. The VX-264 also includes features like Whisper Mode, Emergency, Lone Worker, to name a few of the most commonly used.

The VX-264 is built rugged and reliable for communication in almost any industry. Programmable functions mean you can customize the VX-264 to fit your needs.

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