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Motorola MINITOR VI Two-Tone Voice Pager

Motorola MINITOR VI Two-Tone Voice Pager

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Motorola MINITOR VI Two-Tone Voice Pager

Small, light yet incredibly tough, the Minitor VI is built to get the job done right. Its improved receiver design ensures maximum range and intelligibility. 
We engineered the Minitor VI to survive challenging shifts with searing heat, smoke and grime. It stands up to Motorola’s Accelerated Life Testing that simulates 7 years of field use and is available in an intrinsically safe version for use in areas with flammable gases and vapors.

Record up to 16 minutes of messages, then replay, skip, fast forward, rewind, lock, unlock and delete those messages directly on the Minitor VI pager. 
You can customize call alerts, channel voice announcements and vibrate types and assign different vibrates for each call address.
The Minitor VI comes with a rechargeable battery and offers other responder-essential accessories. These include a charger with built-in voice amplifier so you never miss an alert; an alkaline battery tray for emergency in-field battery replacement; and voice announcements that indicate battery levels.

Wide and Narrow-band Programmable Channel Spacing
Available in VHF and UHF bands

Expanded Stored Voice
Records up to 16 minutes of voice message for playback

Silent Scan (Dual-frequency model)
Scans both channels silently, alerts on either channel

Priority Scan (Dual-frequency model)
Plays all traf?c on Channel 2, alerts on Channel 1

Message Management
Next/Previous, Fast Forward/Rewind, Delete, Lock/Unlock

Customizable Alert Tones and Voice Announcements
Supports 8 two-tone pairs and 4 individual long-tone alerts

Programmable Addresses, Alerts and Vibrate Profiles
Supports 15 per channel

Function Mode Announcement (Stored Voice Option)
Announces programmed operating mode

Flexible Battery Options
Use standard rechargeable battery or optional alkaline battery tray (3x AAA) for emergency in-field battery replacement

Rugged and Reliable Design
Stands up to Accelerated Life Testing that simulates 5 years of field use. Available in an intrinsically safe version for use in areas with flammable gases and vapors.

Intrinsically Safe
UL certified intrinsically safe for hazardous locations: Division 1, Class I, Group C, D, Class II, Group E,F,G, Class III, T3C.

Standard Package ships with: Pager and RLN6505 Standard Charger with US Plug.

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